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Meet the Producer: Lyall Farms

Meet the Producer: Lyall Farms

Charles Lyall continues generations of fruit growing with his cherry orchard in Mattawa.

Bite into a Lyall Farms cherry and you taste a piece of history. Charles Lyall, manager and co-owner of his family’s fruit orchard in Mattawa, first started farming at the age of 5, lending a hand picking fruit and moving sprinklers for his father (who grew up farming with his own father). Now 52 years…

The Insiders’ Tips and Tricks on How to Publish Children’s Books

There's no secret rulebook but you have to follow the recipe.

Early in June, I sat down with Seattle author Richard Farr to talk about how to get a children’s book published. He was highly amused by the idea that he would be considered any kind of expert, but I thought there was no better person to ask than someone who, after years of trying, recently…

Can You Tiger Mom a Preschooler?

Can You Tiger Mom a Preschooler?

Drilling a 4 Year Old on Reading and Writing is a Test of Wills

Some days, I suck at being a tiger mom. It simply requires more attention to monitoring my daughter’s work than I have time to devote. On those days when I let my daughter watch TV instead of practice writing letters and numbers, the self-flogging kicks in and, perhaps irrationally, I fret that the one, two…

Book Bindery Speaks Volumes

Book Bindery Speaks Volumes

Does superstar chef Shaun McCrain live up to high expectations?

As a psychology major in college, I studied expectations. How both low and high expectations can turn into self-fulfilling prophecies. Part of my job as a restaurant critic is assessing what kind of potential a place has, and then judging whether it lives up to that potential. But there is also our expectation of a…

Local mom Hsiao-Ching Chou Sounds off on the Tiger Mom debate

Local mom Hsiao-Ching Chou Sounds off on the Tiger Mom debate

Hsiao-Ching Chou joins the Tiger Mom debate on "New Day Northwest" today at KING-5 at 11 a.m.

You may have seen my response in Red Tricycle to the excerpt of Amy Chua’s “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” that appeared in the Jan. 8 Wall Street Journal. Maybe you saw my sound bite on the news the night Chua was in Seattle. And this morning I’m going to join a mommy panel…

A special Valentine's Day treat: Daniel Breaker hosts another Intiman cabaret

A special Valentine’s Day treat: Daniel Breaker hosts another Intiman cabaret

Condola Rashad, Nick Garrison and friends join in a night of jazz, R&B and classic standards

Looking for something a little different to treat your honey to this Valentine’s Day? Check out the “Valentine’s Cabaret” at Intiman Theatre. Last August, after the impressive run of Lynn Nottage’s “Ruined” at Intiman, members of the cast put together a fundraising “cabaret” as a way to thank Seattle theater patrons for turning out in…

Most Influential: Mike McGinn and Dow Constantine

Mayor McGinn and Executive Constantine made their mark

One sports a revolutionary’s beard, a feisty personality and a bike habit. The other evidences a Boy Scout mien, a let’s-get-along approach and a well-exercised iPod.  Both have nearly one year in office, Mike McGinn as mayor of Seattle and Dow Constantine as King County executive. Each has made his mark—by notably different methods. First-time…

Most Influential: King-5 News Susannah Frame

Most Influential: King-5 News Susannah Frame

King-5 News Investigative Reporter Susannah Frame

When Susannah Frame launched her “Waste on the Water” series in March, detailing a state ferry system financially running amok, she unleashed a wave of citizen ire seldom seen in Seattle. Among her revelations: a decades-long tradition of reimbursing some ferry employees—mostly relief and so-called “special project” workers—for their time and mileage to and from…

Q&A: Karin Snelson Tells Us What It Takes To Select the Best Children's Book of the Year

Q&A: Karin Snelson Tells Us What It Takes To Select the Best Children’s Book of the Year

This former book editor Snelson has been reading nonstop for the past year, narrowing hun

Occupation: Children’s lit specialist and Newbery Medal committee memberBook reviewing process: “It’s a physical system; I make piles.” Words to live by: “Falling in love with a book is like falling in love with a person; in the end, the faults don’t matter if they’re slight.” Favorite Newbery winners: Criss Cross (2006), From the Mixed-Up…

Most Influential: Partners on the Cascadia Center

Most Influential: Partners on the Cascadia Center

Partners Miller Hull Partnership, Point 32, Schuchart, and The Bullitt Foundation collaborate to dev

The adage “If you build it, they will come” is in full experimental application at the corner of 15th Avenue and E Madison Street on Capitol Hill, where the city’s largest Living Building project is beginning to show signs of life. A collaboration among the Miller Hull Partnership (architect), Point32 (developer), Schuchart (general contractor) and…

Most Influential: Consultant Mike Donlin

Program consultant for Seattle Public Schools' prevention-intervention services, Mike Donlin spearhe

The Pew Research Center reports that 30 percent of U.S. teens say they have been affected by hurtful text messages, Facebook posts and the like. Mike Donlin wants to cut that number to zero. A program consultant for Seattle Public Schools’ prevention-intervention services, Donlin spearheaded creation of a new cyberbullying curriculum this year for Seattle…

Person of the Year: The Police Officer

We are not accustomed to seeing police officers as victims

We are not accustomed to seeing police officers as victims. Or as villains. But the past year in the Puget Sound region has focused our attention on law enforcement personnel so relentlessly, so vividly, that no year in recent memory can compare. Between October 31 and December 28, 2009, six officers—one from the Seattle Police…

Most Influential 2010: Dave Ross and Tom Douglas

Most Influential 2010: Dave Ross and Tom Douglas

Radio host Dave Ross and Restaurateur Tom Douglas show their patriotism and democracy

On April 1, Dave Ross, host of The Dave Ross Show on KIRO-FM, opened his morning broadcast with the news that One Reel, the nonprofit organization that runs the Fourth of July festivities at Lake Union, had failed to secure a corporate sponsor and was canceling the event. It was no April Fool’s joke. “It…

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