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The Most Influential of 2010

The Most Influential of 2010

From the arts to sports, from high tech to low profile, we single out those who had an impact on our

Publishing a list of the region’s most influential people is an exercise that obviously invites response. And we welcome it. Ultimately, we hope this list provides insight and context to what was happening all around us this year. We try to recognize people and organizations across as many disciplines as possible, thus ensuring a broad…

Most Influential: Real Change’s Tim Harris

People person Tim Harris is Executive Director of Real Change newspaper

Tim Harris is a people person. “I think that people are sacred,” he says. “When I see people being dehumanized, it pisses me off and makes me want to do something about it.” He founded Seattle’s Real Change newspaper in 1994 to advocate for low-income individuals and provide job opportunities by recruiting them to sell…

Most Influential: F5 Networks CEO John McAdam

Most Influential: F5 Networks CEO John McAdam

CEO John McAdams web traffics F5 Networks from shambles to fortune

When John McAdam became CEO of F5 Networks 10 years ago, the company was in shambles. Demand for its product, which helped manage Web traffic, plummeted after the dotcom bust, and its share price, which had reached a high of $160 the year before, had dropped to less than $10. McAdam reinvented the company, focusing…

Most Influential: M.D. and CEO Mitchell Gold

Most Influential: M.D. and CEO Mitchell Gold

Mitchell Gold is CEO of Dendreon Corp. rocked into national headlines

Mitchell Gold and the company he heads, Seattle-based Dendreon Corp., rocketed into national headlines this year when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Dendreon’s Provenge as a treatment for late-stage prostate cancer. The value of the company’s stock multiplied more than 10 times as analysts estimated the drug could generate about $1 billion in…

Most Influential: Group Health Cooperative

Insurer and Health Care Provider, Group Health is the highest-rated commercial health plan in Washin

In September, Seattle-based Group Health Cooperative learned it’s the highest-rated commercial health plan in Washington state—and in the top 50 nationally—in a new ranking by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. With more than 600,000 members and more than two dozen medical centers throughout Washington state, Group Health has become a destination for health care…

Most Influential: Senator Tracey Eide

State Senator Tracey Eide has worked since 2000 to pass the primary-offense law for cell phones behi

Considering our burgeoning iPhone, smartphone, anyphone population, it’s virtually impossible to dispute state Senator Tracey Eide’s influence over our daily lives. As the driving force behind Washington state’s new cell phone law, which mandates parking our handheld phones before getting behind the wheel (or risking a $124 fine), Eide has worked since 2000 to pass…

Most Influential: CEO Paul Davis

Most Influential: CEO Paul Davis

Coinstar CEO Paul Davis spent much of 2009 fighting legal battles with movie studios

Penny-pinching consumers looking for cheap entertainment have flocked to Redbox DVD-rental vending machines and, in a year’s time, catapulted Bellevue-based Coinstar—Redbox’s parent company—onto the corporate big screen. Earlier this year, Redbox—originally a creation of McDonald’s but acquired by Coinstar last year—had grabbed 25 percent of U.S. video-rental sales, up from 18 percent a year earlier,…

Most Influential: The Seattle Times Staff

Most Influential: The Seattle Times Staff

The Seattle Times staff is the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news

The Pulitzer Prize for breaking news in journalism celebrates “a distinguished example of local reporting…with special emphasis on the speed and accuracy of the initial coverage, presented in print or online or both.” Last year, when The Seattle Times learned that four Lakewood police officers had been slain in a Pierce County coffee shop, Times…

Person of the Year: The Police Officer

Person of the Year: The Police Officer

We are not accustomed to seeing police officers as victims

We are not accustomed to seeing police officers as victims. Or as villains. But the past year in the Puget Sound region has focused our attention on law enforcement personnel so relentlessly, so vividly, that no year in recent memory can compare. Between October 31 and December 28, 2009, six officers—one from the Seattle Police…

Most Influential: Seattle Storm Lauren Jackson

Forward Lauren Jackson help lead Seattle Storm to victory

Possibly the finest player in the Women’s National Basketball Association this decade, Lauren Jackson reminded basketball fans in 2010 that experience, maturity and talent are an awesome combo platter on the menu of leadership skills. At 29, Jackson’s body has experienced enough bruises and breaks to qualify her for a lifetime of guest appearances on…

Most Influential: Bill Gates Sr.

Most Influential: Bill Gates Sr.

William H. Gates Sr. is the Yes on 1098 Campaign Spokesman and co-chair for The Bill and Melinda Gat

As if working to eradicate polio weren’t enough, Bill Gates Sr. has, in his mid-80s, ventured forth and not only approached, but actively embraced, the so-called third rail of Washington state politics: the income tax. This is in addition to his co-chairmanship of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and his active involvement in numerous…

Most Influential: Ones to Watch

Seattleites whose actions are soon likely to affect our city and our daily lives

Common SenseShe had been in office only a few months when Seattle City Council member Sally Bagshaw earned a citywide high-five for seeking to delay a proposed (and controversial) Dale Chihuly museum project at the Seattle Center. Convincing the center that it should at least entertain other proposals for how to use the former Fun…

Most Influential: Founder Kim O’Donnel

Kim O'Donnel is not only a writer, but the founder of Canning Across America

“It was like spontaneous combustion.” That’s how Kim O’Donnel describes the response to her off-the-cuff Twitter suggestion that maybe there should be a national day dedicated to canning. O’Donnel, a former Washington Post food writer who moved to Seattle two years ago (and who at the time of her Twitter post had canned only once…

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