City People's (Madison Park, 2939 E Madison St.; 206.324.0737) really wants to help your garden grow.

Tucked away in the tony enclave of Madison Park in the old Sostanza space is a restaurant where the chefs, managers, bartenders and servers all seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company, a vibe that spills over into the elegant

Part of the fun of the Conservatory is the bait-and-switch of eating modern, gutsy food—in Madison Park.

Madison Park, long marooned at the farthest reaches of E Madison Street with just ice cream, burgers and pub food to stave off its residents’ hunger pangs, is in the midst of a culinary rebirth.

There’s nothing like spending a warm summer day in Madison Park (“the village”), with Lake Washington lapping at the shore, Mount Rainier standing tall in the distance and an endless parade of people strolling between the beach and the shops.