March 2018

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Look no farther than your backyard for some tasty dandelion blossoms

Seattle finally learns what Israel has known all along: Hummus is awesome

Next time you’re throwing a party, try a barn raising

The cofounder of Fashion for Conservation combines her love of fashion and the outdoors

In a Seattle tiny house village, two shelters work together to offer more than just a place to call home

Notary Ceramics candleholders at Flora and Henri add a hint of hygge to the home

Award-winning Seattle design studio NK Woodworking crafts one-of-a-kind bathtubs from domestic and exotic hardwoods, finished with a durable marine varnish

The Bamboo cocktail at newly opened en Rama in Tacoma is best sipped slowly

Our city’s hyper construction is causing more than traffic issues. Experts believe it’s one reason our city is ranking high as a rodent-infested town, and getting rid of the pests is anything but easy

Zillow gives us the future forecast on where Seattle's neighborhoods are heading

Mitra Raman started The Buttermilk Company last year, and is giving back profits to every family whose recipe she uses

One of Seattle's few makers of soba has a new restaurant in Wallingford

Scandinavian influence makes its way through this home on Lake Washington

Online clothing brand Universal Standard's new program program allows customers to exchange sizes that are too big or too small for new ones

Watch whales, catch some waves and feast on the catch of the day in this coastal town, just a two-and-a half-hour drive from Seattle

As some of Seattle’s eateries close, Knute Berger weighs in on what the phrase ‘We are what we eat’ really means

The new book from Ellen Blackstone and Emily Poole follows the NPR segment of the same name

This month's Editor's Note from Rachel Hart.

Living outside the city has always been an attractive option for many, but with housing prices in Seattle going up, up and up, the suburbs around us are more magnetic than ever.

With housing supply short in Tacoma, home buyers are looking to places like Bonney Lake where new housing developments are under way

These outlying areas are catching on in a big way

In search of affordable housing, some are trading a longer commute time for a quality of life that’s worth the drive.

For those seeking an urban lifestyle, suburban cities with compact and walkable downtowns offer appealing amenities, such as local shops and restaurants, and small-town civic pride

Transit ridership is growing faster in the Puget Sound region than anywhere else in the country. Here are the suburbs where commutes are quick and easy

With the median price of homes in Seattle topping $690,000, it’s no wonder many people are willing to trade a little extra commuting time for a reasonably priced place to live.

It’s no secret that our local environment—from our shorelines to mountaintops and city parks to urban trails—is a major draw and can be an important consideration for home buyers in deciding where to live.

The one-time bedroom community has put the ‘urban’ in ‘suburban’

Buyers and renters seeking to escape Seattle’s frenzied market are heading to rapidly expanding towns south and east of the city

Repairing antique watchworks and vintage mechanical objects, Brittany Nicole Cox keeps in time with the past

Seattle’s newest ramen places dial into Japan’s regional varieties

Pastry chef Mi Kim's Raised Doughnuts is finding legions of sweet-toothed fans

A city initiative turns little-used streets and dangerous intersections into urban oases

"This is one of the biggest moves in the Arboretum since it was created."

"How to Taste: The Curious Cook’s Handbook to Seasoning and Balance, from Umami to Acid and Beyond—with Recipes" by Becky Selengut hits shelves March 13.

Seattle choreographer Kim Lusk's work riffs on a quirky cowboy lineage

Seattle Celebrates Shakespeare honors the world’s most famous dramatist with concerts, plays, musicals and more

Featuring Anne Lamott, Ariel Levy, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Ijeoma Oluo, and more.

The "Lid I-5" effort is pushing to reconsider plans to cover the freeway that runs through downtown Seattle.

From the provocative to the sublime, this season’s shows and exhibits both reflect our times and rise above them. Here’s what’s in store this spring in the vigorous, vibrant world of the arts