May 2018

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Sunny Getaways: Brightest Vacation spots in the desert, small towns, mountains and on the coast (Read it online on May 1)

Plus: The city's best veggie burgers, crisp new white washington wines, next level dog indulgences, best views for opening day of boating season, a sneak peek inside the new Nordic Museum, and MUCH MORE!

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From this Issue

Unlike burn morels, ‘naturals’ pop up year after year, making them a reliable springtime treat

A simple, wooden tray for all your work-from-home needs

A new home shop stocks fun, functional and affordable goods

This invigorating drink’s Asian legacy and intriguing flavors make it a Bellevue gem

With the Real Black Grandmothers website, University of Washington assistant professor of American ethnic studies LaShawnDa Pittman archives the experience of a vital member of the black community

Creatura House is the latest project from Kirsten Anderson, who ran pop art gallery Roq La Rue

Change is the only constant, they say, and it’s happening all over Seattle— no place more so than along a stretch of Dexter and Westlake where yesterday’s innovators settled and today’s dreamers are also finding a home

Fremont Bowl's great chirashi is a food we love

A relatively new wine-growing region is producing sippable whites with high acidity and minerality

Custom sign maker Western Neon shines the way to making its primary medium available to all

The KING-TV anchor takes us on a tour of her lovely remodeled 1929 home

The very good dogs around here attend social events and have their own gelato

Garbes recognized new moms were craving non-biased information about pregnancy and new motherhood -- and she delivered it

A new podcast from the Seattle resident is a time capsule of the planet’s peculiarities

Vegetarian burgers are all the rage

Party Nordic style during this weekend's celebrations.

Music festival season officially returns with this tuneful trifecta

While the Nordic countries have long influenced Seattle, as the impact of the original immigrants wanes, a new generation is embracing the culture

Gray skies may rule over Seattle, but the sun is shining at these vacation destinations only a few hours from the city

Take to the road along Oregon’s southernmost coastline for sand, surf and sun

They’ve both got sun, but how does the "Palm Springs of Washington" compare to the real deal?

Soak in the sun, and unique geology, of the Painted Hills in north central Oregon

Barrett loves movies so much she volunteered with the Seattle International Film Festival for years before taking a staff position. She guesses she watches 600 films a year

Seattle milliners are keeping the British tradition alive

Our hand-picked list of best bets for entertainment this month

"The Further Adventures of Snippity Snap" opens at Solo Bar in Lower Queen Anne on May 3.

The city has revived its plans for a mixed-income development at Fort Lawton. But surprisingly, not everyone is opposed

Here’s how to do opening day of boating season the right way

The polarizing painter's work is on display all around Seattle through May 26

The Nordic Museum’s new home is a stunning architectural showpiece where everyone can be Nordic for a day