Bellevue’s University Bookstore to Close, but the East Side Keeps Its Edge

Bellevue is in many ways more “urban” than Seattle now—certainly, it’s racially more diverse, which is complete flip from the white-bread suburbs of the ‘60s and ‘70s

Berger supervising a photo shoot of Bill Gates and Brian “The Boz” Bosworth in 1988

Knute Berger

KEXP’s Live Room Twinkles Again With Microsoft Partnership

The twinkle lights are back!

Car Seat Headrest performs in the new live room

Gwendolyn Elliott

50 Things Seattle Gave the World

Looking back on 50 years of Seattle magazine (an evolution that started with Pacific Search, see “The 50-year Evolution of Seattle…

Niki Stojnic

The Gates Foundation: Portal to Opportunities

More than a visual reminder of its altruism, the Gates Foundation’s new campus may do for Seattle w

Bright copper skin shines along the sweeping arm of a building on the new Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation campus…

Sally James

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