modernist cuisine

Modernist Cuisine Gallery to Open in May

Unfortunately for us, it's in Las Vegas

Ogle your veggies

Chelsea Lin

Nathan Myhrvold On The World Premiere Of Modernist Cuisine’s Photography Exhibit

!–paging_filter–pspan The a href=”…” target=”_blank”Photography of Modernist Cuisine: The Exhibition opens Saturday/a at the Pacific Science Center, showcasing the celebrated…

Seattle Mag

Tour of Modernist Cuisine Lab Prompts Dreams Of Geoduck

Ever since a recent visit to the Modernist Cuisine Lab, I cannot stop thinking about geoduck. Yes, I’ve got a…

Seattle Mag

Food News: There’s Something About October

When it rains, it pours. This is true lately of restaurant openings: all of the sudden, a handful of tempting restaurants…

Seattle Mag

Modernist Cuisine, and My Conversation with Nathan Myhrvold

Today's the day the book is officially published, and I recall my conversation with the genius behin

In the fall, as we worked on our February celebration of nerds (see the Nerd Issue), it fell to me…

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