We're raising a glass to those working to make this a better place— our 2018 Most Influential People of the Year

Meet Seattle's rising stars

Under his leadership, Starbucks has partnered with Mary’s Place, a shelter for homeless women, children and families, in the No Child Sleeps Outside campaign

Amy Nelson, Megan McNally, Cynthia Tee and Leslie Feinzaig are making moves and taking fellow women along for the ride

Today’s teen organizers are tomorrow’s voters—and candidates

Nathan Vass, Monserrat Padilla, Jerrell Davis and Gordon Padelford are young leaders in their divergent arenas

This year, Forterra announced a partnership with the nonprofit Africatown to redevelop a key block in the quickly gentrifying Central District

The politically diverse movement has an active Seattle presence that is focused on saying yes to new density in urban neighborhoods

Denise Krownbell and Gina Petry, leaders of Seattle Silence Breakers, are pushing our city to tackle sexual harassment, assault and gender-based discrimination

After a year involving countless national accolades and a three-star review in 'The New York Times,' chef Edouardo Jordan may be the most buzzed-about chef in the country