Planning for a Year of Foraging

For everything, there is a season—and a forager can make the most of each one with a little planning

Plan now for seasonal foraging, like a chanterelle mushroom hunt in the fall

Seattle Mag

Hunting for Majestic Porcini Mushrooms

How to use these meaty mushrooms found in the woods

To the English, they’re “penny buns.” French speakers know them as cèpes, Germans say steinpilz. Here, in mushroom-hunting circles, we commonly call them kings, short for king boletes. On restaurant menus you’re more apt to see the Italian word for them, porcini (meaning “little pigs”), since this is the term of commerce for this mushroom…

Langdon Cook

Homemade in Seattle: A Fungus Lover’s Cookbook

Seattle-based photographer Stephanie Joy Billmayer, 29, shared these photos of her recent homemade project, a book of mushroom recipes called ‘Fungiculture.’ Because the book seems to celebrate both craftiness and cooking with fresh produce, I figured it might be of interest to Seattle mag readers. To make the book, first, Stephanie bought a vintage Good…

Seattle Mag

Langdon Cook’s Hunt for Morels

The hunt for these coveted mushrooms is addictive.

Call the doctor. I feel a sickness coming on. It’s May and that can mean only one thing: morel mushrooms on the brain. Rudely shaped and tasting of earth-bound fecundity, morels are among the most beloved of mushrooms. Looking for them in the wild, as any seasoned morel hunter will tell you, is a disease….

Langdon Cook