Sub Pop at 30: The Seattle Magazine Mixtape

Seattle magazine editors and writers chose their favorite Sub Pop tracks for this playlist celebrating the legendary record label's 30th anniversary

Sub Pop artist photos at Hotel Max.

Gwendolyn Elliott and Dan Shafer

Sub Pop at 30: Charting the Legacy of the Seattle Sound

How Sub Pop, a scrappy independent record label with the slogan ‘Going Out of Business Since 1988’ established the ‘Seattle sound,’ weathered the volatile music business and continues to make its mark on the city--30 years and counting

This article appears in print in the August 2018 issue. Read more from the feature story here. Click here to subscribe. Like Kurt Cobain, Nirvana and so many of the homegrown cultural forces it first nurtured, the origins of Seattle indie record label Sub Pop formed organically and humbly, specifically, in the 1980 dorm room of Evergreen State…

Gwendolyn Elliott

Sub Pop Employees Have Been Pulling Epic Pranks for 30 Years

Founded on April Fools’ Day, Sub Pop has taken the date to heart, pulling notorious pranks over the years. Here are a few classic examples

Sub Pop CEO Megan Jasper, the woman behind the legendary “Lexicon of Grunge”

Gwendolyn Elliott

The Sub Pop Timeline

A highly abridged version of the label’s notable cultural contributions

Soundgarden’s first EP, 1987’s “Screaming Life,” was among Sub Pop’s first releases

Gwendolyn Elliott

Take a Self-Guided Tour of Seattle’s Sub Pop Sights

Bone up on your Sub Pop history with this tour of the city’s label-affiliated sights

MoPOP’s exhibit “Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses”

Gwendolyn Elliott

Sub Pop’s Creative Director Waxes on the Label’s Album Art

Sub Pop albums are defined by a certain aesthetic, and for the past 24 years, the label’s creative director, Jeff Kleinsmith, has helped convey it through the label’s record covers. Here, he waxes on a few favorites

Creative director Jeff Kleinsmith and office Sub Pup Kenny

Gwendolyn Elliott

Upstream Selects: Seattle Magazine’s Recommended Itinerary

The second annual Upstream celebrates Seattle’s legendary music scene

LOCAL FOCUS: Reunited Seattle punk rockers Murder City Devils play Upstream June 3

Gwendolyn Elliott

The Best Live Music Venues in Seattle

Where to see some of the best bands in town perform

Neumos [Capitol Hill]Vibe/Sound: Drawing big acts such as The Shins, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and MGMT, as well as emerging Seattle bands, Neumos has three full-service bars, a mezzanine and a balcony that overlooks the showroom. Downstairs, the small Barboza space cops a clubby attitude. Seating: Mostly standing room; a couple of dozen seats in mezzanine….

Brandon Taylor with Mandolin Brassaw