Despite Public-School Funding Crisis, Local High School Theater Soars

Generation 'Glee' takes Washington high school theater programs to new heights.

Ballard High School, which mounted ‘Les Misérables’ in March, is among the local schools that produce ambitious, award-worthy musicals year after year.

Linda Morgan

5th Avenue Grooms Next Generation of Theater Pros

Orlando Morales and Bill Berry drive teen educational programs at the popular theater.

Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre hopes to help create the next generation of artists and theater lovers, says Bill Berry, the…

Linda Morgan

Seattle Theater Hopes for Another Broadway Hit

This weekend marks the world premiere of "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion the Musical."

The 5th Avenue Theatre has sent nine plays to Broadway, scoring 15 Tony Awards.

Tim Appelo

Behind the Scenes of Our Wild ‘Romy and Michele’ Photo Shoot

Capturing the fun, awkward, flirty, eye-rolling experience of an actual high school reunion.

The 5th Avenue Theatre, whose 15th Tony Awards-style program on June 12 recognizes emerging youth talent in our region, is,…

Rachel Hart

Meet ‘Romy and Michelle’ Swinger, Trina Mills

Some performers wait in the wings as understudies—some are ready to take on the entire show. Meet the 5th Avenue Theatre’s swinger for Romy and Michele

Romy and Michele’s swinger, Trina Mills

Tim Appelo

The Must List: Filson’s Canine Happy Hour, Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival, La Traviata

What to do in and around Seattle in the days ahead

A crowd at Timbrrr! 2016

Seattle Magazine Staff

The Must List: Woody Sez, the Music of David Bowie, Finding Neverland

The spirit and music of David Bowie live on with a number of tributes this weekend

Seattle Magazine Staff

On Saving Aimee, Kathie Lee Gifford and the Sad Fortress of Solitude

You probably already know that the new musical at 5th Avenue theatre, Saving Aimee, is written by American TV darling…

Seattle Mag

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