It was May of 2015 when news first broke that RockCreek chef/owner Eric Donnelly and his partner Christy Given were takin

It’s not worth arguing over your favorite fast-food burger—it’s shaped by food preference, sure, but also history, community, personality. It’s 80 percent nostalgia and 20 percent fondness of pickle relish.

Sometimes Seattle is just so very Seattle. Like when you notice there have been so many cool neighborhood coffee shops open in the last six months that it’s almost impossible to keep up. We’re so spoiled—and caffeinated!—aren’t we?

You know when there’s an underground band you love, and all of a sudden you’re hearing their songs on the radio and everyone’s wearing the T-shirt—and it makes you a little sad, because you enjoyed that special moment when you we

Shaun McCrain and Jill Kinney -- the power couple behind Fremont’s old Book Bindery -- are in the final stages of the buildout for their very own contemporary American restaurant, Copine, which is set to

Get ready, Capitol Hill!

!--paging_filter--pDuring a recent dinner at Dot's Delicatessen (yes, they serve dinner, and yes, you should go; the food is very good), our server dropped the news that strongDot's would be renovating to make dinner seating more comfortable.nbsp;

!--paging_filter--pAs I impatiently await the opening of a href="" target="_blank"Aragona/a, the Spanish restaurant from design-obsessed chef and owner Jason Stratton (Artusi, Spin

Update! Bar Sajor just announced it will opens for limited service tomorrow (Thursday, February 21) at 4pm and on Friday.

If three of a kind constitutes a trend, then bars that serve cured, smoked and sliced meats are the new black, at least on Capitol Hill.