Nominate Candidates for Seattle Magazine's Most Influential People of the Year

Seattle's Most Influential People come from various industries and backgrounds.
| Updated: November 27, 2018

Each year, Seattle magazine highlights individuals who have had a big impact on our region over the last year. We're currently soliciting nominations for people who we should consider for this annual feature, which appears in the November issue of the magazine.

This year, we will celebrate the people who are making a difference by working to protect the progressive and inclusive values that our city is known to embrace. They are the people who are making a positive difference in the face of adversity or challenges. We invite you to nominate Seattle-area citizens for inclusion in this annual story. Criteria for nominees include people who you believe are:

• Working to affect positive change in our community
• Catalysts for bringing diverse groups together
• Reaching out to help underserved populations
• Empowering citizens
• Bridging differences
• Fighting to protect our constitution and laws

Our Most Influential People of the Year can come be almost anyone: politicians, community or business leaders, activists, artists, chefs, government officials, educators, developers, social workers, journalists, designers, sports figures, etc. You may nominate as many individuals as you believe are worthy of consideration. Nominations are due no later than June 2, 2017. Fill out the form below or email your nomination to Sheila Mickool at



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