Cruise Clean With This Green, Seattle-Made Boat Motor

A Seattle-based company is making waves with a boat motor that's clean and green
CLEAR WATERS: Cruise guilt-free on a boat with an electric outboard motor

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While most gas-powered boat motors emit toxic exhaust into the water and air, Pure Watercraft’s new Pure Outboard electric motor ($14,500), reduces those emissions to zero. Even better is its performance: Company founder and CEO Andy Rebele says his is the first to outperform both the traditionally sluggish electric motor and comparably sized gas motors, thanks to its innovative technology.

The system can be installed on any outboard boat that would use a similar gas-powered motor, and re-charges in as little as 90 minutes using any 120- or 240-volt outlet. As with the benefits of an electric car, it saves boaters on fuel costs, maintenance and of course, their carbon footprint. For those tired of the headaches—or guilt—brought upon by a gas-powered system, it may be time to jump ship.

Editor's Note: This story has been updated from the print edition.

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