Seattle Luxury Living 2019: The Mandarin Guide to Seattle and the East Side 西雅图生活方式

From the Seattle magazine team, a regional introduction for international newcomers

“Time flies by” is perhaps an apt description of the period since our last publication a year ago, pardon the use of the cliché phrase. After a very successful 2018 edition, we’re excited to roll out the 2019 Luxury Living magazine. 

U.S.-China relations has entered a critical and sensitive stage since 2018. The year 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the normalization of U.S.-China diplomatic relations. For Seattle, a city with long history of cultural and economic ties with China, this means both challenges and opportunities. The 13th China-U.S. Tourism Leadership Summit that will be held in Seattle this September is one such example.  

Seattle will continue to be a top destination for Chinese tourists, including many that come here as part of a cruise ship experience. In this issue, we showcase luxury cruises that are homeported at the Port of Seattle. 

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Seattle’s ongoing growth proves that our region is still a great place to live, to start a business, and to expand. Even though housing prices in Seattle declined in 2018, the housing market remains strong, especially with the development of multifamily homes. We take an in-depth look at those luxury condos, townhouses, and apartments that are in high demand.  

In this issue, you’ll also find products from many of the global luxury brands that have entered the Seattle market in response to the city’s rapid growth and diversification, as well as from our talented local designers. We showcase some of the restaurants that are recipients of a James Beard award, the Oscar of the food industry, and luxury cocktail bars, each of which has its own unique charm. And art lovers will enjoy reading about three Seattle art institutions that are also well known on the world stage, all of which guarantee an unforgettable experience. And as you look at the city’s ever-growing skyline, the Space Needle still stands out. In this issue you will read about its recent renovation and the observation deck that now features the first revolving glass floor in the world. 

Luxury living is not just about a price point, but a way of living—a mindful way of indulging oneself. Here at Seattle Luxury Living, we share with you people, places, and things that we love, aspiring to be a source of inspiration in Seattle. Keep calm and read on! 

Man Wang, PhD



西雅图仍将是中国游客的首选之地,包括许多来体验近年来备受青睐的游轮旅行的游客 这期我们为深度解析西雅图港出发的游轮。 



奢华生活并不只是一味地追求高价位,它更是一种生活方式,一种用心的(mindful)纵情自我。我们希望通过这本杂志将我们喜爱的物、事、人、地与与您分享,成为您在西雅图的好朋友和灵感。Keep Calm and Read On! 

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