Sounders Star Owns Hater After Conference Finals Blowout Against Former Team

Will Bruin is loving Seattle and his former Dynamo fans can't bring him down.

By Michael Rietmulder


December 1, 2017

People on the internet are mean. When you’re up and they’re down, they’ll hurl whatever 280-character nastiness they can to try to drag you into the mud.

Will Bruin’s not taking the bait. Last night the Sounders striker led Seattle in a lopsided victory over his former Houston Dynamo team to advance to the MLS Cup. Bruin helped open the scoring early, feathering a beautiful touch pass to Victor Rodriguez who hammered in the first goal of the match. In the second half, Bruin broke loose on a Sounders counterattack and punched one in himself, sealing the 3-0 drubbing.

Bruin was once a Houston darling, having helped bring the team to two MLS Cup games (both of which they lost) in his first two seasons in the league. He remains the Dynamo’s second-leading scorer of all time after six seasons with the club. But at the end of a disappointing 2016 season, the struggling star was dealt to the Sounders for allocation money. For the MLS champion Sounders, it was a depth move that paid huge dividends this year. With injuries hampering sophomore stud Jordan Morris all season, Bruin was thrust into a starting role. His 11 goals on the year were second only to Clint Dempsey’s team-leading 12.

During his return to Houston on the first match of the two-leg conference finals last week, fans greeted the rejuvenated goal scorer with boos and chants of “F-U Bruin.” (For his part, Bruin responded with a decisive first-half goal.) After last night’s win at CenturyLink Field, Houston fans apparently weren’t done. When Bruin woke up from a night of spraying champagne to check his Twitter messages, he found this note from a bitter dynamo fan:

“You’re a traitor to the city of Houston. You’re a despicable human being who doesn’t deserve to be successful or to do anything good in life. You have no soul and your inability to understand loyalty is truly amazing. Go to hell, my friend.”

Ooph. Someone’s not taking that loss well.

On Friday morning, Bruin tweeted a screenshot of the direct message, affirming his Seattle love and telling the hater to go “be miserable somewhere else.”

And Seattle loves ya back, Will. Bruin and the boys will take on Toronto FC in a rematch of last year’s MLS Cup on Dec. 9. If (make that, when) the Sounders repeat as champs, Bruin deserves a lot of the credit.


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