Grunge Musical Coming to Seattle Repertory Theatre

Nirvana's former manager is reportedly involved in the play set in 1990s Seattle.

Music could be culled from the catalogs of Seattle stars like Soundgarden.

Michael Rietmulder

Watch Nirvana Rock an Aberdeen Radio Shack in 1988

New footage from a 1988 video shoot has been uncovered.

Before the money and fame, a 20-year-old Kurt Cobain rocked this Radio Shack.

Michael Rietmulder

Lucinda Williams Played Bowie, Achieved Catharsis, Last Night at the Neptune

Bowie might be dead, but Williams left a ticket at will call in his name, and it didn’t go unclaimed

When you’re 64 years old and have won a mantle’s worth of trophies for your trouble, I reckon you can…

Mike Seely

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