Follow your nose to this boutique fragrance store in South Lake Union.

It isn’t the soft-lilac-hued walls or sparkling chandelier that first draws shoppers into the new Anthousa (South Lake Union, 900 Lenora St., Suite 105; so much as the wafting aromas of crisp cucumber or spicy nectarine. The antithesis of a cloying scent shop, the pocket-sized boutique is the new headquarters of local fragrance guru Maria Christofilis’ Anthousa home fragrance product line; it features exquisite glass bottles of fragrances and scented candles inspired by her Mediterranean travels.

Follow your nose to the sparkling lemon notes of the aqua verbena ($40–$90) or a zesty vanilla, grapefruit and blood orange blend ($16–$32 for candles) set out on the long antique table.

Or, peruse the rows of limited-edition scents; the smoky leather originally made for New York’s Aedes de Venustas stores seems especially well-suited for a rustic Northwest lodge. Christofilis often hosts trunk shows featuring Northwest perfumers or jewelry artists such as Francesca Lacagnina, whose antique-inspired jewels are right at home in this elegant little trove.



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