Spring Hill is Now Ma‘ono Fried Chicken & Whisky

The fried chicken here is such a big deal, you have to pre-order it before your visit.

Long the Monday night special, Spring Hill’s fried chicken has generated a feverish following—and spurred a concept rejigging and a name change: Spring Hill became Ma‘ono in February. Now you’ll reserve a table and your fried chicken dinner (just 30 orders nightly!) at the same time, or opt for the ever-famous burger.

On the new Hawaiian-centric menu, there’s curry and bacon fried rice, spiced ham musubi, kalbi short ribs, and brunch, too: Knockouts like the loco moco (hamburger and rice with gravy and eggs) will have you saying aloha to a nap.

West Seattle, 4437 California Ave. SW; 206.935.1075; maono.springhillnorthwest.com. $$