Four Shared Office Spaces are Sanctuaries for Freelancers

Independent contractors converse, collaborate and work at these coveted coworking sites.

Freelancers know it well: that stir-crazy feeling one gets when working alone at home (especially when the cat refuses to help with brainstorming).

Coworking spaces, such as Capitol Hill’s long-running Office Nomads ($30/day, $60 and up per month. 1617 Boylston Ave.; 206.323.6500;, aim to eliminate isolation and increase connections—and they’re popping up in increasing numbers.

Inspired by the coworking culture she experienced while attending school in London, developer Liz Dunn opened Agnes Underground ($100–$250 per month. 1433 12th Ave., Suite A1; 206.324.0637; in February, catering to Seattle architects, graphic designers, entrepreneurs and other freelancers who prefer to work alongside other people, in this case amid vintage couches and corkboard walls.  

Hub Seattle ($75–$350 per month. 310 First Ave. S, Suite 4S; 206.430.6007;, which opened in Pioneer Square last November, houses several nonprofits and doubles as a rentable event venue. As with other coworking spaces, the Hub welcomes workers at various membership levels, depending on how many hours you’ll need the space.

Graphic designers and Web developers gather at The Mill ($295 per month. 1620 Broadway, Suite 207;, a quiet, casual Capitol Hill space that opened last June, where members get the benefit of 24/7 access, so even night owls don’t have to hoot alone.




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