Sage Advice for Camping with Children

Camping with kids presents special problems, so we asked a family-camping expert for some answers.

Should I buy my child a special ergonomic telescoping titanium trekking pole? Only if you hate nature. There is no way…

Kristen Russell

Best Camping Spots: Occupational Hazards

Avid hiker Kristen Russell wants to be sure you know a few things before camping in the Northwest.

WeatherNo matter the forecast, in the Northwest you must be prepared for rain. That crazy nylon sheet that came with…

Kristen Russell

Best Camping Spots: Vamping

The Eurovan is the ground-averse camper's silver bullet.

When my husband, Daniel, and I go camping for the weekend, there are no tents involved. We do not drag…

Brangien Davis

Best Camping Spots: Not-so-Roughing It

In case sleeping on the ground is more than you can stomach.

GLAMPINGStructurally, it might not be so different from the accommodations at that overnight camp you went to as a kid,…

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