Pacific Northwest

Postcards From the Road (trip)

These scenic destinations offer something for everyone

First, Mount Baker; Second, San Juan; Third, Bellingham; Fourth, Long Beach; Fifth, Corvallis

Rob Smith

Best Northwest Lake Getaways: Lake Quinault Lodge

Deep in the rain forest, the grand dame of Olympics lodging welcomes guests with genteel amenities.

Classic and timeless: Lake Quinault Lodge

Roddy Scheer

Best Northwest Lake Getaways: Find Rustic Comfort Less Than 3 Hours From Seattle

Deep in Olympic National Park, Lake Quinault has been drawing visitors for decades.

Peaceful Lochaerie Resort is a good choice for families and groups.

Roddy Scheer

Best Northwest Lake Getaways: Lakedale

At this San Juan Island spot, prepare for an experience right out of 'Dirty Dancing.'

The lodge deck overlooking Neva Lake

Jess Thomson

Seattle Used to be Edgy, Now We Make Unicorn Frappuccinos

There are signs that Northwest noir is being revived, but Knute Berger sees a sanitized version without the edge.

Our deep forests and gray days create the visual backdrop for moody Northwest noir.

Knute Berger

Best Northwest Lake Getaways: Ross Lake Resort

A stay here is a Washington rite of passage.

Scoring one of the resort’s beloved floating cabins requires planning.

Roddy Scheer

Best Northwest Lake Getaways: Alpine Camping

Head uphill with a backpack for lake camping without the crowds.

Snow Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

Roddy Scheer

The Mythical Lake Monsters of the Northwest

Is Nessie's cousin living in one of Washington's most popular lakes?

Watch out for winged alligator snakes.

Stephen Strom

26 Best Lakeside Getaways in the Northwest

On both sides of our mountains, east and west, our Northwest lakes are inviting playgrounds perfect for a day trip or extended stay.

Diablo Lake at sunrise. The water’s turquoise hue is the result of rock particles, ground into a fine “flour” by surrounding glaciers, that are suspended in the water and reflect light.

Seattle Magazine Staff

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