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Shopping at Stella+Jack

A simple, green and cheap website to shop for kids' clothes.

Ever since the economy tanked, savvy parents are looking into the most affordable way to keep kids’ wardrobes up to…

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Kids Can Train for the Seattle Marathon

Consider signing up for this fun, go-at-your-own-pace training program.

November’s gloomy weather can bring out couch-potato tendencies in kids. Not yours, though, because you, smart parent, have signed your…

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Homemade Toys from Manzanita Kids

Check out these beautiful wooden toys crafted by two Seattle parents in their North Seattle workshop

Is your living room awash in a sea of plastic toys? It doesn’t have to be that way, thanks to…

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How to Throw Cool Kids’ Birthday Parties

Help for planning a kid's party with less stress, plus two local gift ideas.

Birthdays for wee ones should not be associated with nervous breakdowns. Here’s a trifecta of local talent that can assist…

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Cool Art for Kids and a Local Designer Gets Her Twirl On

Frye Art Museum’s ‘Smalll Frye’ program makes art easier for little ones to swallow; plus, a cool ne

ART CLASS Sometimes exposing kids to culture is akin to getting them to take yucky-tasting medicine: You have to hide…

Kavita Varma-White

Mad Men–style Family Portraits, Luxury Northwest Family Travel Ideas, Personalized Kids’ Stationery

THE MOD SQUAD – family portraitsFans of the hit show Mad Men have been feeling at a loss ever since…

3063Seattle mag's Kavita Varm-White gives us the scoop on this month's hottest parenting trends.

May Trends for the Stylish Seattle Child

Repurposed duds from Ricicli, volunteering made easy and statement making blanket.

Downsizing, UpcyclingWhen Christina Collins-Pezzner looks at a pile of discarded clothes, she sees beautiful bits of opportunity. Her Ballard-based design…

Kavita Varma-White

Seattle’s Kids Book Club Boom

The latest trend to get kids reading comes from the adult playbook: Create a club-like atmosphere,

The latest trend to get kids reading comes from the adult playbook:  Create a club-like atmosphere, serve up food and…

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Parental Guidance: January 2010

Seattle mag contributor Kavita Varma-White gives us the scoop on the hottest kids' trends in the cit

Give it a twirlIt used to be that kid-friendly cafés were places where you could get a latte while the…

Kavita Varma-White