Paul Allen

Despite Its Issues, Upstream was a Fun ‘Step in the Right Direction’

The joys and complications of Seattle's tech-sponsored music fest.

Upstream brought diverse artists from Seattle and beyond to various Pioneer Square venues.

Alexa Peters

A Closer Look at Chuck Close

At a new show, Close’s intense gaze sees more deeply than most—even if it’s hard for him to see himself

“Self Portrait,” by Chuck Close

Tim Appelo

Sasquatch, Bezos and Seattle’s Space Race

A UFO sighting near Mount Rainer was the real start of our space age, says Knute Berger, and it fits right in with the Northwest psyche

A spooky model of the disk (UFO?) that Kenneth Arnold reported over the Cascades

Knute Berger

Amazon, South Lake Union: Tech, Business and Art, Too

“There Is Another Sky,” 2014, by Spencer Finch

Jim Demetre

2016: The WTF Year in Review

#manintree perhaps best summarizes the overall WTF zeitgeist of 2016

Seattle Magazine Staff with Jake Laycock, Rebecca Ratterman and Eva Seelye

What’s in a Name? For EMP, now MoPOP: Everything

Paul Allen's wild, wide-spanning museum needed a new name

Formerly the EMP Museum, the newly-christened Museum of Pop Culture celebrates its new name

Kasee Bailey

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