The band is playing in Seattle for the first time in years, and will be donating $1 million toward efforts combating homelessness in the city and county.

The two Rock and Roll Hall of Famers connected several times over the years.

The Pearl Jam singer discussed how he's dealing with the loss of his friend.

That morning, the rock stars were just a couple Seattleites in the crowd.

America was on the band's mind during a Mother's Day concert at CenturyLink Field.

"As an artist in Seattle, I pledge that with every bit of my life energy, I will continue to give more music to the world for the purpose of spreading more aloha and, as I sing in the song “First Avenue,” 'reteaching the world to love.'"

The new glam rock tune from a bunch of guys faking Workers’ Comp injuries to get pain meds from Urgent Care