Seattle’s Most Influential People of 2011

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying theimpact these major players have had on our city.

[person of the year]Dan SavageThe It Gets Better ProjectSometimes life’s most fleeting moments are the ones that have the greatest…

Seattle Magazine Staff

Looking Good in Layers

Club Monaco manager Sean Frazier creates dapper, preppy appeal with Northwest-ready layering pieces.

WHY WE LOVE THE LOOK:When in doubt, put on another layer. That is style dogma according to Frazier, who layers…

Seattle Mag

Egan Orion, Flash Mob King

The master crowd wrangler explains why his flash mobs have staying power.

At age 10, he was reciting Shakespeare on the stage of a community theater, and ever since, Egan Orion (shown…

Sheila Bacon Cain

Seattle Signature Styles

Perhaps it’s our laid-back, Left Coast view or the creative juices that fuel such an innovative city

To wit, there isn’t a cookie-cutter Seattle style. Some (regrettably) rock the socks ’n’ flops with their fleece, while others…

Kate Calamusa and Michelle LaFrance

Local Authority: Mant Versus Nature

A colony of Seattle artists builds a life-size ant farm for Burning Man

Mant Versus Nature How much difference can one “mant” make? A group of Seattle artists called the Sober Free Society aims…

Laural Hobbes