Phinney Ridge

Worldly Couple’s New Bakery Brings Sweet Tooth ‘Adventure’ to North Side

From two new Seattleites comes Celine Patisserie.

What a tart Assorted sweet and savory tarts and gallettes are the house specialty at Celine Patisserie

Chelsea Lin

Seattle Cookie Counter Makes a Comeback

Soon you’ll be able to get your hands on those amazing ice cream sandwiches again

Too cold for ice cream? Never!

Chelsea Lin

These Organic Belgian Linens are Bedtime Bliss

We can’t stop thinking about these luxe organic linens

Rocco, the beloved pet of Phinney Ridge interior designer and store owner Renate Ruby, sits atop luxurious layers of Libeco Belgian linens in the Adorn boutique and showroom

Kelly Skahan

An Urban Oasis in Phinney Ridge

Seattle landscaper Scot Eckley creates a unique outdoor living space for a Phinney Ridge couple

After Jay and Katharine Petersen, an electrical engineer and a marketing consultant, respectively, finished building their contemporary-modern home on Phinney Ridge in 2013, they wanted to tackle the surrounding mismatched patches of yard—including a sloping, lumpy lawn. The couple brought in Seattle-based landscape designer Scot Eckley to help transform the hodgepodge into a reason to…

Marianne Hale

Shopping and Dining in Phinney Ridge

Explore the new influx of restaurants in the otherwise quiet stretch between Woodland Park Zoo and G

With more backyards than bistros, Phinney Ridge tends to attract more dog walkers than foodies. But what started as a trickle of new restaurants has turned into a full-on food avalanche on this hilltop nabe nestled between Woodland Park Zoo and Greenwood, bringing with it a hearty selection of new shops and boutiques. SPECIAL TO…

Patrick Hutchison