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Book: A tribute to  Northwest Films

Book: A tribute to Northwest Films

New book details a thriving, rich film culture

David Schmader lives in El Paso, Texas, now, but he’s no stranger to Pacific Northwest culture. Schmader is a former staff writer and editor at Seattle alt publication The Stranger, where he wrote the popular column, “Last Days: The Week in Review” for 18 years. He is also a performer, and his solo plays were…

Essentials: Seattle's Queer/Pride Fest Returns

Essentials: Seattle’s Queer/Pride Fest Returns

Standalone three-day festival begins June 23

Tickets are on sale for the Pacific Northwest’s largest 21 and over music and arts Pride Festival. The Queer/Pride Festival, held from June 23-25 in the heart of the Capitol Hill neighborhood, features national and local artists, musicians, drag queens and burlesque dancers. Tier 1 tickets sold out quickly, but single-day tickets are still available….