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Arts: Picture Perfect

Arts: Picture Perfect

Robin Layton is nothing short of a Seattle treasure

Much like capturing the perfect moment on film, photographer Robin Layton’s life is a series of moments that are almost hard to believe. Some would call them coincidences, and others, instances of fate. Remember that iconic photo of a grinning Ken Griffey sliding across home plate (“The Smile at the Bottom of the Pile”) to…

What a (Pickleball) Racket

What a (Pickleball) Racket

Seattle pickleball fans, rejoice. New courts open.

I love pickleball. My mother-in-law plays five times a week. A work colleague has a court in his backyard. My neighbor even gave up tennis for the sport, which was founded in Washington state decades ago. Now, Seattle is serving up more options for the sport’s growing legion of fans. Two permanent, bright purple pickleball…