Stories from Seattle: During this Present Pandemic, We Are All Mourning the Future

Everyone wants to know when the pandemic will end. But perhaps a better question is: What will it look like to go on?

Possibility in general, it seems, has been cancelled.

Jessica Mooney

Stories from Seattle: Play Until the Last Light

A Bainbridge writer pens a poem for the pandemic

A tree on a twilight walk through empty streets.

Cindy Vandersluis

Cooking in Quarantine: Treat Yourself to Some Boozy Baked Goods

Kym Joles of The Fox and Pantry shares a simple spring cookie recipe

Soft lime cookies with gin frosting

Ariel Shearer

Jazz up Your Next Video Call With These Seattle-Themed Backgrounds

From Husky pride to colorful illustrations, hide your laundry pile in style

Fun backgrounds make it easy to hide your messy nest during video calls

Sam Steele

Seattle’s Hairstylists Give Advice for Your Quarantine Hair Care Routine

TL;DR: Please, don’t touch it

It was week three of quarantine—or was it week four? who can tell anymore?—when I texted one of my hairdresser friends: “I’m so bored, I’m, like, tempted to do bad things to my hair.” I added ominously: “I have bleach!” I was feeling pretty confident; after all, I had just made bread for the first…

Tricia Romano

Must List: Easter Dinner, Movin’ Around the World, Video Poetry Festival

Your weekly guide to Seattle’s hottest (virtual) events

There’s lots to watch at Movin’ Around the World

Sam Steele

Stories from Seattle: “Venues in Seattle are Going to Close”

Steven Severin, co-owner of Neumos, is fighting to keep the music alive

Neumos’ co-owner Steven Severin

Tricia Romano

Cooking in Quarantine: Marmite’s Bruce Naftaly Offers Soup for the Soul

A simple stock recipe and a zucchini and mint soup to savor

courtesy of Marmite

Tricia Romano

Cooking in Quarantine: Maria Hines Has a Recipe (and a New Puppy) to Cure Isolation Boredom

Blackened shrimp, cheesy grits and dinosaur kale (new puppy not included)

courtesy of Maria Hines

Tricia Romano