There are two typical realities in Seattle this time of year: Either we are still wearing our rubber boots, going to T-ball games under umbrellas and wrapped in fleece blankets—or, it’s shorts and tank- tops all weekend.

That whole thing about climbing a mountain because it is there? Yeah, I’ve never quite understood that philosophy—unless it’s a metaphor that applies to something like a big piece of chocolate cake that happens to be in my line of vision.

When I sat down to write this month’s column, I was working at home during that early snowfall last November, gazing out the window at our neighbor’s snow-covered fence.

When Lady Gaga donned her meat dress for the MTV Video Music Awards the week before we shipped this magazine to the printer, it wasn’t quite what we had in mind to bring attention to meat. (But seriously, didn’t that dress drape nicely?

This past summer, I had two distinct only-in-Seattle moments. The first was at Carkeek Park when I saw a bunch of kids at a birthday party engaged in a sack race.

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