Progressive Northwest? White Supremacists Think It’s the Perfect Place to Sow Hatred

Our progressive region may seem like an odd place for the alt-right. But Knute Berger explains why that’s a myth.

Here it is, 2018, and we’re talking about Nazis. It’s hard to believe. Divisions over race in this country suggest…

Knute Berger

Nazi Propaganda Circulating the Northwest Harkens Back to Hate Groups of Old

The leaflets and stickers were spotted in Washington and Oregon.

This Patriot Front sticker was seen in Seattle.

Knute Berger

Man With Blackface Puppet Crashes Fremont Solstice Parade

Organizers asked the man to leave after they spotted him.

Organizers vow changes will be made to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Callie Little

The Problem With Trying to Eat Politically Correct

Cultural appropriation is real. But playing food police is a slippery slope.

A Portland burrito pop-up triggered a hellstorm of backlash.

Knute Berger

Black History and Hitler’s Ghosts, on Capitol Hill

Reflections on Black History Month, the advancement of civil rights and the lingering specter of racism; yes, even in progressive Seattle

The Egyptian Theatre: Once a Masonic temple where pro-Hitler speeches were made

Knute Berger

Donald Byrd’s ‘Shot’: Compelling and Unforgettable

The show doesn’t let the audience breathe, serving up round after round of ritual and repetition to drive home the point

“Stop! Please don’t shoot!”, a common, eerie refrain in Byrd’s ‘Shot’

D. Scully