Recipe for Rhubarb Shrub

Whip up this delicious drink now

Rhubarb Shrub 10 ounces fresh, in-season rhubarb, sliced and diced 3.5 ounces red wine vinegar 3.5 ounces apple cider vinegar 1 ounce (2:1 sugar to water) simple syrup Let all ingredients marry for 24 hours, then strain and store in the fridge. Read the full article on Naka’s refreshing twist on the classic Gin &…


Entertaining Expert Heather Christo Debuts Cookbook of Allergen-Free Recipes

Local cookbook author gets creative with alternative ingredients

In 2014, caterer and entertaining expert Heather Christo and her two young daughters were diagnosed with severe food allergies following years of unresolved health problems. For a classically trained chef and food blogger (, it was a strange situation. “I had built a career on goopy cakes and creamy pastas,” recalls Christo during a recent…

Duke’s Award Winning Clam Chowder

Ingredients: 2 cups baby red potatoes, diced medium 4 slices nitrite-free bacon ½ cup Darigold butter 2 cups onions, diced medium 2 cups celery, diced medium 1 tablespoon fresh garlic, diced small ½ cup flour or ½ cup Duke’s Gluten-Free Flour Blend*  2 tablespoons clam base 1 ½ cups clam juice 1 ½ cups milk…


Cynthia Nims’ Northwest Crab Boil

Unlike our compatriots in the eastern regions of the country, Northwesterners typically add no spice (beyond salt) to the pot when boiling crab for a feast. Having grown up here, of course I adhere to the practice, finding that the flavor of the crab itself is near perfection. Some crab lovers simply scoop up clean…


Tilth Owner Going Nuts for Homemade Milk

Maria Hines on the virtues and versatility of homemade almond milk

Nut milks—especially almond milk—are having a moment. The creamy liquid is made by grinding nuts with water, resulting in a velvety milk-like beverage. Health-conscious eaters and plant-based diet devotees swear by the nutritional value of nut milks, adding almond milk, for example, to smoothies and swapping out the cream in coffee for Brazil nut milk….


Pistachio Syrup Recipe

Salted Pistachio Syrup 1 cup whole unshelled pistachios 1 cup simple syrup (1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water) 1 Tablespoon salt Combine all ingredients in a food processor. Blend well. Strain through cheesecloth to remove particles.  


In a Winter Cooking Slump? Amy Pennington’s Fresh Pantry to the Rescue (+Recipe!)

Eating seasonally, locally and supporting farmers come deep wintertime equates to shivering trips to one of the few year-round farmers markets, where tables are piled high with a dozen varieties of potatoes, gnobbly carrots, turnips, beets and a few sorts of sturdy winter greens. It’s good stuff, tasty, a welcome shift in our menus when,…

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Publisher’s Note: The True Seattle Influencers

Forget social media. These are the real heroes.

In-flu-ence /ˈinflo͝oəns/. The power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways. An emanation of spiritual or moral force. An ethereal fluid held to flow from the stars and to affect the actions of humans. With all the attention on “influencers” on social media, I think we’ve lost the true meaning of…

Photography by Grant Hindsley

Every Car Has a Story: ‘I don’t own cars. They own me.’

Blake Siebe takes a most unusual approach to car collecting

There are two kinds of car collectors. The vast majority fit into a sort of “check box” mentality of acquiring cars anointed by others as collector worthy. In contrast, a rare category of car collectors, I might venture to say, are the true cognoscenti who discover vehicles that no one is yet appreciating. They relish in…