Cynthia Nims’ Northwest Crab Boil

Unlike our compatriots in the eastern regions of the country, Northwesterners typically add no spice (beyond salt) to the pot…

Cynthia Nims

Tilth Owner Going Nuts for Homemade Milk

Maria Hines on the virtues and versatility of homemade almond milk

Nut milks—especially almond milk—are having a moment. The creamy liquid is made by grinding nuts with water, resulting in a…

Amy Pennington

Pistachio Syrup Recipe

Salted Pistachio Syrup 1 cup whole unshelled pistachios 1 cup simple syrup (1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water) 1 Tablespoon…

Seattle Mag

In a Winter Cooking Slump? Amy Pennington’s Fresh Pantry to the Rescue (+Recipe!)

Eating seasonally, locally and supporting farmers come deep wintertime equates to shivering trips to one of the few year-round farmers…

Seattle Mag

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