Redmond High Schooler Wants to Make Seawater Drinkable For Millions

By 10th grade, Apoorv Khandelwal was trying to change the world.

Apoorv Khandelwal’s ingenious invention takes the salt out of saltwater.

Elaina Friedman

Redmond Blogger Returns With Superhero Sequel

Redmond’s Jon Morris

Tim Appelo

All Roads Lead to Redmond’s Woodblock

Find a new twist on American favorites in the heart of a developing pocket of Redmond

Redmond’s Woodblock is a bright spot in a developing area of Cleveland Street

Chelsea Lin

The Gates Foundation: Portal to Opportunities

More than a visual reminder of its altruism, the Gates Foundation’s new campus may do for Seattle w

Bright copper skin shines along the sweeping arm of a building on the new Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation campus…

Sally James