Washington Residents Order More Takeout Than Those in Other States

Bid-on-Equipment found that Washington ranks No. 10 based on Google searches

Washington residents love their takeout. Slightly more than 8% of Google searches in the state have included “takeout” since the…

Nat Rubio-Licht

Mexican Restaurant Sal Y Limon To Open in Former Ten Mercer Space

Jesus Magaña and his son Alexis will open the brand new restaurant in Lower Queen Anne in March.

Local restauraneur Jesus Magaña, along with his son Alexis, are near to opening Sal Y Limon, Spanish for salt and…

Chris S. Nishiwaki

Find Island Style and Innkeeper Memories at the Jerk Shack

Much has remained at this Belltown bar and restaurant, but the menu has a spicy new kick to it.

Our local bar and restaurant scene is ever-changing – which keeps things hopping, but also sadly can mean a spot…

AJ Rathburn

Brimmer and Heeltap Welcomes New Chef

A Tucson transplant will be rewriting the menu at the Ballard hotspot.

Don’t worry, this steak tartare isn’t going anywhere.

Chelsea Lin

Eat Big? Vegas-style Dining at Northwest Casinos

Best bets for dining at Seattle-area Vegas-style restaurants.

There was not one. Not two. Not even three or four. On the evening I dined at Terra Vista recently,…

Cynthia Nims

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