4 New Seattle-area Restaurants You Must Try in October 2019

In today’s dining scene, it’s hard to keep up with restaurant openings. But it’s our job (and our pleasure) to do just that. Here are a few new places worth checking out

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Fitchi House
This casual, counter-service Wallingford spot, with its mustard yellow facade, boasts a menu of “eastern cuisine”; here, that translates into savory meat pies from Turkmenistan, plus a short menu of pasta dishes, like fettuccine carbonara and chicken fettuccine.

Snowy Village
University District
The latest in a string of new businesses offering the Korean shaved ice dessert known as bingsoo, this trendy University District shop is also one of the best. The snowy, milky base is best topped with mango and sweetened condensed milk, but other available toppings range from Oreo crumbles to matcha tea.

Pioneer Square
Speaking of trendy: This cozy subterranean Pioneer Square bar specializes in natural wines—opt for a glass of natural wine from the Italian winery Progetto Calcarius—and pairs them with dishes topped in melted Raclette cheese.

Raised Cakes
(at Raised Doughnuts)
Central District
From the purveyor of some of the city’s best doughnuts come these new light and fruity layer cakes, available by the (square) slice only on weekends until sold out. The moral of the story: Go early, get a mochi doughnut for breakfast and a slice of cake for dinner.

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