Seattle’s Southwest Restaurants Get Fired Up

Southwest heat in the Northwest chill.

Bang Bang Cafe flies in Hatch chiles from New Mexico, which lend flavor to the tasty green and red sauce on their signature burrito

Chelsea Lin, Naomi Tomky and Megan Lamb

Seattle’s Best Barbecue from Around the Country

Throughout the area, pit masters do their best to imitate their favorite kind.

Beef brisket and ribs from Jeff’s Texas Style BBQ

Chelsea Lin, Naomi Tomky and Megan Lamb

7 Great Tastes from the East Coast

Cheesesteaks, lobster rolls, matzoh ball soup, Italian subs, and more.

Bar Harbor’s lobster roll is full of (obviously) claw and knuckle meat, and we love it served Connecticut style and tossed in butter

Chelsea Lin, Naomi Tomky and Megan Lamb

The Best From the Midwest: Chili, Cheese Curds, Brats and Burgers

Find a heaping helping of the heartland here in Seattle.

Some Cincinnatians will grumble about the lack of cheese on this version of Cincinnati chili from Mike’s Chili Parlor, but order it on the side and pile it high

Chelsea Lin, Naomi Tomky and Megan Lamb

The Holy Union of Beer and BBQ Has Arrived on the North End

A beer icon and a self-taught pit master team up for a solid new barbecue spot in sleepy Maple Leaf.

Top: Beer guru Chuck Shin and Jason Jacobs bring barbecue and beer together in their new Maple Leaf restaurant, Barbecue Smith. Shin swears the chicken is the best he’s had. Above: the barbecue chicken plate with collard greens and mac ‘n’ cheese.

Chelsea Lin

Wallingford Bar’s Spin on a Guilty Pleasure Food is the Perfect Drinking Snack

A scratch-made take on a grocery aisle classic.

Lipton’s onion soup mix—and its use in making dip—holds a special place in my heart, next to Aunt Jemima’s phony…

Chelsea Lin

This Capitol Hill Restaurant Has Perfected the Rice Bowl

B-Side, the hip little sister spot to Analog Coffee, makes a mean breakfast.

B-Side’s rice bowl with fresh and fermented vegetables and a soft boiled egg.

Chelsea Lin

Seattle Has Two New Asian Sandwich Heavyweights

In a city of great sandwiches, two newbies are contenders for king.

Lan Hue’s dac biet banh mi (left) in Chinatown/International District and the Thai-influenced braised pork sandwich from Pink Bee (right) in Ballard.

Chelsea Lin

The Complete List of Top Restaurants in Seattle

From bakeries to bistros to fine dining, our neighborhood-by-neighborhood guide to the best eateries

See the most recent “Best Restaurants” list here. Bainbridge IslandHitchcockChef and owner Brendan McGill goes out of his way to…

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