Seattle Restaurants With Tents, Heat Lamps, & Fire Pits

Where to eat when staying warm and dry is a priority
| Updated: November 19, 2020
  • Where to eat when staying warm and dry is a priority

If you’ve thought about stuffing a wool blanket or windbreaker in your tote bag before dining outdoors recently, you’re not alone. Since the weather started getting chillier at night (and generally more rainy overall), many Seattle restaurants have been making adjustments to keep you dry and warm on their patios through the fall and winter.

In this guide, we’re listing all of the spots with tented coverings thus far, so that you’ll know exactly where to have an outdoor meal or drink without worrying about a thin layer of mist forming on your sandwich.

And for when things start to get really cold, we’ve marked an asterisk (*) for places that we’ve confirmed have a heat source of some kind - whether it’s a space heater, fire pit, or both.

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