Refind aims to be smart, sustainable and luxurious

Luxury resale shop is thriving

This story appears in the Sept-Oct. issue of Seattle magazine. Subscription information is here. Whatever you do, don’t call Mary Bridget…

Rob Smith

Meet Fran Dunaway, co-founder of Gender-Neutral Clothing Brand TomboyX

In the past seven years, Seattle-based TomboyX has become a gender-neutral brand that has something for everyone

TomboyX co-founders Naomi Gonzalez, left, and CEO Fran Dunaway.

Nat Rubio-Licht

There’s a Meat Vending Machine in Seattle’s Flagship Nordstrom For Some Reason

You can buy Owens Meats in the men's department of the downtown Nordstrom store. We're here for it.

No, you’re not dreaming. That’s really an Owens Meats vending machine in the men’s department at the flagship Nordstrom store…

Leslie Kelly

Nordstrom to Unveil its Renovated Downtown Seattle Flagship Store

The local retailer sheds new light on its process of reinventing the department store

Last February, as Nordstrom’s downtown Seattle flagship was in the thick of a significant renovation, which had begun in spring…

Lauren Madeja

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