Ma‘ono Chef Takes on New York–Style Pizza and Veggie Burgers in Seattle

Mark Fuller expands his comfort food repertoire with veggie burgers and pizza at ‘Table and Supreme

This article appears in print in the April 2018 issue. Click here to subscribe. Seattle first fell in love with chef Mark Fuller over fried sweetbreads and duck egg raviolo when he opened Spring Hill in West Seattle. Now, he’s best known for crafting arguably the city’s best fried chicken at Ma‘ono (Spring Hill’s successor and Rachel’s…

Chelsea Lin

L’Oursin Takes Root in the Central District

A French seafood bistro inspired by the cafes of Paris knows what it's doing

From a diner’s perspective, the only evidence that L’Oursin chef/owner JJ Proville and his team didn’t hire expensive professional designers to create his Central District restaurant’s interior is the fact that it doesn’t mirror the trends found in other new restaurants. It’s still lovely, to be sure. Instead, he says, the aesthetic—more brass chairs and…

Chelsea Lin

Teatro ZinZanni’s Welcome to Wonderland: A Delightful Vision Through the Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll is transformed by an exceptional cabaret ensemble

Kevin Kent in Welcome to Wonderland.

D. Scully

Seattle’s Latest Italian Restaurant Serves up Rustic, Homey Fare

San Fermo brings rustic pasta and la dolce vita ambiance to Ballard Ave

The gem of a side patio at San Fermo on Ballard Avenue

Jessica Yadegaran

Portland’s Best Restaurants

Requisite restaurants for your next food trip to our culinary sister to the south.

Seattle’s food scene enjoys a bit of friendly (or fervent) competition with Portland. The two cities tussle over the James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef Northwest award each year, and Seattle’s recent overhaul of its food-truck laws was a blatant attempt to catch up with Portland’s long-standing dominance in the realm of street food. Clusters—or pods—of…

Allecia Vermillion

Spectrum Dance Wakes Up The Beast

Amid floor-shaking violence and depictions of brutal, un-consenting sex acts – the scariest moment in Spectrum Dance Theater’s The Beast is when the lead woman (Kate Monthy), visibly panting from physical abuse she has suffered at the hand of her husband (Donald Jones, Jr.), closes her eyes and accepts his apologetic embrace—relief and contentment settling…

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Trip Report: How Seattle Compares to NYC, Part 1

Back from four nights and days of eating (and don’t forget all that drinking!) in New York City, my home for three years several years ago. Unlike many of the food-crazed, when I’m in New York, “the food thing” is only a part of what I want to experience. My old favorite walk–down Greenwich Street from the…

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