Room With a View: A Sneak Peek at Aragona, Opening Very Soon

By Seattle Mag


November 8, 2013

!–paging_filter–pAs I impatiently await the opening of a href=”” target=”_blank”Aragona/a, the Spanish restaurant from design-obsessed chef and owner Jason Stratton (Artusi, Spinasse), Stratton kindly sent over several pictures he took of the food and the space. Not to mention the westward view (above), which isn’t too shabby, either. Here, a peek at what’s on the menu, and a taste of how the place will look and feel./p
pimg src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/squidinkrisotto.jpg” height=”259″ width=”300″ //p
pArros negre: black rice with squid, squid meatballs, baby turnips and squid ink meringues (!!)/p
pimg src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/aragona_pizza.jpg” height=”248″ width=”300″ //p
pCoca (a href=”” target=”_blank”Spanish pizza/a) with sardines, olives and peppers/p
pimg src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/aragonadessert2.jpg” height=”290″ width=”300″ //p
pSweet potato cake with its skins, chestnut and honey semifreddo, and Casta Diva moscat jelly/p
pimg src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/aragonabar2.jpg_.jpg” height=”300″ width=”300″ //p
pThe bar (still a work in progress, obviously), with custom light fixtures by Erich Ginder/p
pimg src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/aragona_private_dining_room.jpg” height=”310″ width=”300″ //p
pThe semi-private dining room, with another custom fixture by a href=”” target=”_blank”Erich Ginder/a/p
pimg src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/aragona_tile.jpg” height=”400″ width=”300″ //p
pAnd the scene-stealers: mosaic tiled columns by a href=”” target=”_blank”Kate Jessup/a/p
pTop Chef contestant and a href=”” target=”_blank”one of our first Tastemakers, Carrie Mashaney/a, will be leading the kitchen at Aragona. And we’ve got high expectations; a href=”” target=”_blank”Spinasse/a is consistently one of the best restaurants in Seattle, and a href=”” target=”_blank”Artusi/a is pretty impressive too (so much so that its chef, a href=”” target=”_blank”Sasha Rosenfeld, was on our list/a of up-and-comers this year).nbsp;/p
pThe space is coming together and Stratton tells me they’re planning to open the week after next, so, perhaps the week of November 18th. And, he says, reservations will be opening soona href=”” target=”_blank” through the website/a. So keep hitting refresh./p