Before hitting the sidewalks this summer, consider these safety and sanity tips.

Who needs a gym when free (and fun!) fitness activities abound? Grab a friend and get moving with these urban outings

Whether you ride your bike to work, hike through our parks on the weekend or never miss your 6 a.m. spin class, our city offers countless ways for athletes at any level to get up, get out and get in shape

As rush hour driving grows worse seemingly by the day, more and more commuters are choosing public transportation. It seems a shame to spend that time idle, so here are a few suggestions to get you moving even when the traffic isn’t


There's a great big beautiful world out there. Lace up your sneaks and get outside

Ever fantasized about running a 5K, or even a marathon?

If you’re beginning a new workout routine as part of your 2015 resolutions, figuring out when and what to eat before and after exercising is an important component of keeping up your energy levels to sustain that fitness habit.

It’s April in Seattle, but the unseasonably cool temperatures, lack of sunshine, and constant drizzle makes it  feel like we’re back in November.  I’m past the point of letting the weather rain on my parade and on my run, so I made a list of the n