Don’t Call It a Deli. Mean Sandwich is a Lunchtime Revelation.

Vets from NYC’s Momofuku move west for a new life built around sandwiches.

Mean Sandwich owners Alex and Kevin Pemoulie and their daughter, Vivian.

Chelsea Lin

How Much Is Too Much to Pay for Half a Sandwich?

As our obsession with open-faced noshing continues, we explore a range of toasts in Seattle

As with many things in Seattle’s culinary scene, we can probably credit chef Renee Erickson for convincing us that $10…

Chelsea Lin

Food We Love: Bar Harbor

The Connecticut-style lobster roll at Bar Harbor in South Lake Union

Chelsea Lin

Where Seattle Chefs Dine Out

In the midst of a restaurant renaissance, we tap Seattle's culinary rock stars for the best food and drinks in the city

Late-night bar food queen Monica Dimas with her favorite: Yum Yum chicken, photographed at Chungee’s on Capitol HIll

Chelsea Lin and Jessica Yadegaran, with additional reporting by Rebecca Ratterman

Food We Love: Pabellon Arepa at Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen

A flavorful, swoon-worthy sandwich with Venezuelan flair

First, it was Paseo’s. Then, Un Bien’s. Now, a third and totally original Caribbean sandwich has stolen my heart: the…

Jessica Yadegaran

New Summer Dining Patio: La Bodega

Dominican eatery celebrates its Kickstarter patio with a private dinner. And you're invited

As summer draws near, we anticipate many extreme culinary adventures, like attempting to balance plates of La Bodega’s epic paella…

Jessica Yadegaran

The 25 Best Burgers in Seattle

We dare you to try them all.

Oh, thank you, Earl of Sandwich, the first man to put meat between slices of bread. And thank you, too,…

Allison Austin Scheff with Patrick Hutchison

Stopsky’s Delicatessen

Most of us don’t need the census numbers to know that the largest concentration of Jewish households in the state…

Seattle Mag

Sandwiches at Chelsea Deli

Dave Harris brings scrumptious sandwiches to Columbia City.

Dave Harris’ sandwiches have been making people fat and happy for more than a decade, first at the Other Coast…

Seattle Mag