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New in Town: Consuming Art and Curating Comfort in Seattle

Uncovering Seattle connections to Artemisia Gentileschi and finding familiarity in new places

New in Town is a blog series dedicated to exploring Seattle anew. Every week I’ll highlight a place, person or…

Ariel Shearer

Hot New Installation at SAM Explores the Void

Tickets for the wildly anticipated exhibit lasted less than 24 hours.

Infinity mirrors explores the work of avant-garde artist and activist Yayoi Kusama, and the huge impact her infinity rooms have…

D. Scully

Jacob Lawrence’s ‘The Migration Series’ Opens at SAM this Saturday

SAM hosts a pivotal early series by local hero Jacob Lawrence

Lawrence’s caption for Migration’s Panel 3: “From every southern town migrants left by the hundreds to travel north”

Florangela Davila

Say Goodbye to SAM’s Flying Cars, Hello to a Floating Tree

“Middle Fork”: John Grade’s masterpiece will look great from SAM’s lobby, but the third-floor view will be sensational

D. Scully

2007 Spotlight Award: Seattle Art Museum

Meet the behind-the-scenes heroes at SAM.

If the Seattle Art Museum had sat in psychotherapy five years ago, its diagnosis would have been simple: Patient suffered…

Jasmine Moir

Seattle Art Museum Director Resigns to Pursue ‘Scholarly Projects’

Derrick Cartwright, director of SAM since 2009, announced today via press release that he will leave

We haven’t heard the entire story quite yet but it looks like SAM’s director is leaving his post to pursue…

Seattle magazine staff

Meet Me at the Hammering Man: DIY Nick Cave Soundsuits on Parade Downtown Today

If you’ve seen fabric sculptor/performance artist/dancer Nick Cave’s otherworldy soundsuits (on display now at the Seattle Art Museum), you’ve probably…

Seattle Mag

Preview: Nick Cave’s Soundsuits Fill SAM with Exquisite Color, Craft and Curiosity

Crocheted potholders, vintage tin tops, stripey wool sweaters, pipe cleaners, sequins, hooked rugs, porcelain birds, god’s eyes, Beanie Babies, synthetic…

Seattle Mag

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