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Fave Five: Coffee, Art, a Luxury Spa

Enjoy the great indoors before summer hits

By Heather Lowenthal May 24, 2024

Three black Fonte coffee mugs are placed under espresso machines with espresso being dispensed into them, creating a scene of artisanal coffee art.

This article originally appeared in the May/June 2024 issue of Seattle magazine.

The rhododendrons have bloomed, the shorebirds have returned, and soon it will be summertime in the Northwest. Until it’s warm enough for barbecues, beaches, and backpacking, sample these indoor favorites. Plus, a refund tip for flat-tire repairs because Seattle’s potholes are always in season.


Savor quality. The espresso served at locally owned The Fonté Bar offers a rich, roasted flavor often absent in espresso from other shops. For a European feel, stay. Sink into a blue velvet club chair and sip a cappuccino served to you in a porcelain cup atop a napkin and saucer with just the right amount of milk and perfectly formed foam. Each sip delivers a big, bold sensation. The café is located across from the Fifth Avenue Theatre, hidden inside the Rainier Tower.



Relax your mind. The Korean-inspired experience at Olympus Spa focuses exclusively on services that de-stress and restore women’s health (sorry guys). Women move from soak to scrub to steam and massage in bare feet, wearing spa robes and matching hair covers, even while eating lunch in the small café that offers an extensive menu of fresh Korean dishes and smoothies. There’s a spirit of intention among the patrons who, unprompted, carry their own reusable water bottles and read books rather than cellphones. It signals a commitment to retreating from the outside world that’s distinctive. Locations in Lynnwood and Tacoma.


The charcoal earth energy (far infrared) heated room at Olympus Spa in Tacoma

Photo courtesy of Olympus Spa


Feed your intellect. The University of Washington Public Lectures features local and visiting academics, authors, artists, and scientists. Often, 30 different experts are scheduled to speak on a range of topics each month, from social justice to ecology, political science, health equity, and more. Tickets are often free but are gone quickly. Use the online schedule to choose lectures that will satisfy your interests. These are in-person events held on the Seattle UW campus and Town Hall.


Repair that flat (for free). The city of Seattle will reimburse you for your flat tire if punctured by our pavement potholes. Follow a few steps online, fill out a form, and if all goes according to plan you will receive a check for the full cost of the damage. It worked for me. Now I can’t stop telling people about it. Get started.


Discover indigenous art. Visit Seattle Art Museum’s new exhibit, Yirrkala: Art from Australia’s Top End. The show, which opened on May 10, has beautiful bark paintings, sculptures, and woven works. It’s a special chance to explore intricate and diverse Australian Aboriginal art and its deep connection to the land and community. While you’re there, catch Calder: In Motion and Elizabeth Malaska: All Be Your Mirror before they close later this summer.

With additional reporting by Sarah Stackhouse.

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