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By NeuroVeda Health December 18, 2023

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This article originally appeared in the March/April 2024 issue of Seattle magazine.

At NeuroVeda Health, patient-centered care is the heart of our practice. We believe that you know your body best. Our experienced physicians, nurse practitioners, naturopaths, and massage therapists partner with you to discover the root causes of your symptoms. Our team utilizes an innovative approach to wellness that pairs deep investigation into your health profile with cutting edge medical technology to help you recover function and health.

If you are seeking longevity, injury recovery, or non-opiate solutions for pain management, our regenerative medicine and orthobiologic therapies can help. Regenerative medicine stimulates your body’s natural immune responses by encouraging growth factors and collagen-building precursors to migrate to injured areas. We also offer stem cell treatments, prolotherapy, ozone therapy, and plasma-rich platelet injections in our comfortable clinic environment, bringing relief to orthopedic injuries, degenerative disease, and joint conditions.

NeuroVeda Health is the only private clinic in the Seattle area to offer apheresis, a therapeutic modality which plays an important role in the management of more than 50 autoimmune disorders, long Covid, and several rare neurologic conditions. Apheresis is emerging as a prevention and treatment therapy for other age-related medical conditions. By helping clean the blood of a buildup of excess antibodies and circulatory byproducts, apheresis can reduce the impacts of chronic and age-related disease and restore function and energy.

An important component to whole body wellness is nervous system support. To help maintain a healthy nervous system, NeuroVeda Health offers IV infusions, massage therapy, and diet and lifestyle consultations. Many of these services are available same-day, and are open to anyone seeking wellness support. Your first IV therapy includes a free 15-minute medical consult to help you choose what you need that day.

NeuroVeda Health is located in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, just north of downtown. We offer both in-person and telehealth appointments, specialize in complex health conditions, and practice with an Ayurvedic and Functional Medicine foundation.

We would love to support you in your health journey! Please reach out to our office if you are ready to improve your physical and mental wellbeing in the new year.


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