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Party on, Seattle!

The city doesn’t have to fight for its right to party

By Sarah Stackhouse March 11, 2024

Monkey Loft nightclub in SoDo has city views and live DJs.

Who likes to party? I do, and apparently, so do you, because Seattle is ranked among the top party cities in America. Sure, Las Vegas may have snagged the crown, but our Emerald City lands the ninth spot.

Obviously, Seattle is known for its music scene. The city stands as a destination for music lovers, packed with venues that cater to all kinds of tastes. There’s definitely a place for everyone to party, accommodating even the most specialized preferences. 

Back in 2003, driven by an indie rock obsession and seeking more action than my small hometown in Northern California could offer, my 22-year-old self — along with some friends — took a road trip to Seattle. Moments after arriving, in a true testament to the knuckleheadedness of youth and my passion for music, I attempted to look up Isaac Brock, the lead singer-songwriter of Modest Mouse, in an actual phone book. Remember those? Of course, it was a fruitless gesture, but one that solidified my arrival in what I considered the mecca of music. I only returned home to get my stuff, which was largely CDs and shredded jeans. 

Fast forward through years of experiencing the very best of Seattle’s party scene, from pubs like Pacific Inn to speakeasies like Bathtub Gin & Co., to dancing all night at Neighbours and The Crocodile, to slurping down jello shots from oversized plastic syringes at Dante’s. My partying has certainly changed with family life, but the city’s energy hasn’t. With more 40 bars per 100,000 people, Seattle’s reputation as a top party destination is well-deserved. 

Average hotel prices in Seattle are relatively low compared to most U.S. cities, making it easier to bend a single night into a few more without breaking the bank. And the moody gray skies nudge us indoors where we’re fully prepared to party the night away. 

So, who parties more than Seattle? San Francisco comes in second, with New York, Portland, and Orlando rounding out the top five party cities in America. The ranking is based on a study by online casino reviewer, The Casino Wizard, which analyzed factors such as the number of bars, average hotel and drink costs, activities available, and the weather across the 100 most populous cities in America.

Jello shots, anyone?

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