Seattle Fast Food Workers to Strike Thursday

By Lauren Mang August 28, 2013


If you’re craving fast food tomorrow, it may just have to wait. Much like the events on May 30, lower wage workers in Seattle (as well as other major cities around the country) are planning to walk out on Thursday, August 29. Fast food employees are urging their comrades to “turn off the fryers, take off your aprons, and walk out August 29th,” in an effort to bring attention to the issue of raising workers’ pay to $15 per hour. They’re also asking for the right to organize without retaliation.

Here is what to expect come tomorrow morning:
7:00 am – Strikelines will kick off with a Westlake Park gathering.
8:00 am – 2:00 pm – Strikelines will spread to multiple locations across the city throughout the day. Specific location details will be available early Thursday morning.
4:00 pm – Major citywide convergence of striking workers gathers at Plymouth Pillars Park (Pike St & Boren Ave) before heading out to dinnertime strikelines at nearby fast food locations.


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