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Top Takeaways from Seattle Magazine’s Inaugural Beauty Insiders Event

We rounded up our experts’ must-have products and skin care suggestions

By Andrew Hoge May 6, 2019


Seattle magazine’s first-ever Beauty Insider’s event was hosted at The Riveter in Capitol Hill and celebrated the diverse and innovative beauty community featured in the April cover story. Attendees enjoyed a multitude of services, including oxygen facials from Ananya Spa and B12 shots from Bella Fiore Medspa along with product samples from Korean beauty powerhouse K Banana and local manufacturers Rue Sante and Seven Haircare. Later in the evening, attendees had the opportunity to soak up valuable advice from some of the city’s most influential beauty experts during a live panel.

The packed room hung on the panelists’ every word, from Dr. Heather Rogers’ sunscreen recommendations to the benefits of Carolyn Marino’s two-step cleansing regimen. So, of course, we had to round up their must-have products and advice for those who could not attend. Here are their favorites:

Carolyn Marino, Beauty Connoisseur and Lifestyle Influencer

Marino’s must-have beauty products:

I double cleanse at night to remove makeup—first with a balm or oil followed by a gentle cream cleanser. I use a glycolic serum about twice a week and vitamin C serum in the morning for brightening.

On building an effective skincare routine:

My best piece of advice is to stay curious and test out products that really work for your skin specifically rather than follow trends or trust in a “one-size-fits-all” model for skincare.

Heather Rogers, M.D., owner of Modern Dermatology

Rogers’ must-have beauty products:

Sunscreen should be an important part of your skincare routine and you might need more than one product. For a daily face sunscreen with a tint, try Dermaquest Sheer Zinc, which is great for dry skin, or MD Creme Mineral Beauty Balm by MD Solar Sciences for oily skin. My favorite sunscreens for use throughout the day include Brush on Block and Colorscience.

On building an effective skincare routine: read Rogers’ blog post on the subject.

Kate Dee, M.D., owner of Glow MediSpa

Dee’s must-have beauty products:

Sente’s Dermal Repair Cream and Pressed Serum have a unique ingredient that not only fills the dermis to make it soft and supple, but also stimulates your own growth factors to wake the cells that make collagen and elastinthese are critical for maintaining thick, springy, beautiful skin that resists wrinkles and sagginess.

On building an effective skincare routine:

Build collagen! By the time you are 30, the cells in your skin stop making collagen and elastin—those are what make young skin thick and springy and resistant to gravity. I recommend something [such as] microneedling or laser [treatment] to wake those cells and put them to work.

Liz Kang Yates, founder of K Banana

Yates’ must-have beauty products:

Sunscreen is the most important part of your skincare routine. Without it, skincare steps–including cleansing, hydrating, applying essence/serums—go out the window. I love IPKN’s Big Apple Sun Cream SPF 50. It is infused with highly concentrated apple water extract that smells so fresh and clean on your skin.

On building an effective skincare routine:

K-beauty is all about hydration and giving your skin the love and nourishment it deserves.  Even our toners are all about hydration versus using harsh alcohol-based toners. After you wash your skin with a double cleanse, your skin should be fully clean and therefore toner should be bringing hydration back to your skin so that it can absorb your essence/serum/moisturizer better. In addition, I would stay away from physical exfoliators which are very harsh on your skin and can cause tiny tears on your skin’s surface. I would go for a BHA or AHA formulated exfoliator and start off once/twice a week.

Kristeen Griffin-Grimes, founder and creative director of French Girl Organics

Griffin-Grimes’ must-have beauty products:

A tinted sunscreen made with clean ingredients is my must-have beauty product, as it provides the light coverage of a foundation and also serves as a makeup primer. My favorite tinted sunscreen is Suntegrity. Since my skin is oily, daily exfoliation is a must. For French Girl, I created the Rose Facial Polish that is non-abrasive, flower powder-based and is so gentle on the skin.

On building an effective skincare routine:

First, as conscious consumers, one of the best things we can do to improve our skincare routine is to eliminate the use of non-recyclable containers from our regimen. Those adorable tiny tubes of product samples and travel sized products, and anything housed in a tube or plastic container (from toothpaste to deodorant) is responsible for over one third of the waste generated worldwide.

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