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By Health Point July 1, 2023


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This article originally appeared in the September/October 2023 issue of Seattle magazine.

Connecting Mind and Body: Why We Integrate Behavioral Health Care

Mental health care is essential care. That is why HealthPoint has been integrating behavioral health into primary care services since 2002. The impact of this whole-person care is life changing and lifesaving.

At HealthPoint, Behavioral Health Consultants provide mental health expertise to the Care Team and same day mental health visits to patients. The Care Team collaborates to address health issues such as chronic illnesses, psychiatric disorders, stress management, substance use disorders, and sexual health.

This approach to behavioral health is convenient for our patients, improves clinical outcomes, reduces health care costs, and has led to a higher patient retention rate. Simply put, because of this integrative model, HealthPoint is able to provide more holistic care for patients and get them the help and resources they need faster –often when it matters most.

“What makes our program special is that it’s fully and truly integrated. It’s not separate or seen as something that only certain populations can access, it’s for everyone. We do the same things as the medical team: meet the needs of the population where they’re at.”
– Melissa Baker, HealthPoint Comprehensive Behavioral Health Director

In addition, to ensure the benefits of convenient, real-time behavioral health care are accessible to ALL, HealthPoint provides interpretation services for over 70 languages.

Patient story: Margaret’s HealthPoint Journey

The Health of our Youth: School-Based Health Centers

HealthPoint school-based health care centers began in 2006 in South King County, where poverty and health care disparities are more prevalent than other parts of the county. Now with six locations in local school district high schools, every student, regardless of income or insurance, has access to an on-site health center for safe, high-quality care to support their physical, emotional and social wellness. Working in partnership with the school staff, HealthPoint’s school-based health centers use the combined medical and mental health service model that is integrated within the school culture. The youth in our communities need this vital support perhaps now more than ever.

Behavioral Health Education: Training the Future

HealthPoint operates three behavioral health teaching programs to generate an expanded and diversified behavioral health workforce. This program provides interns and residents the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge to address the needs of traditionally underserved and culturally diverse patient populations.

HealthPoint’s Behavioral Health Education Training Program has been especially critical as the need for mental health services grew to unprecedented levels during and following the pandemic. These educational programs foster both the skill and the compassion that are essential in providing behavioral health care in the community health care setting. Many residents choose to stay with HealthPoint as providers after completing the program.

HealthPoint is a community-based, community-supported, and community-governed network of non-profit health centers dedicated to providing high-quality care to all who need it, regardless of circumstances. This care includes not just primary medical and dental, but also naturopathic and behavioral health services as well. Founded in 1971, HealthPoint now serves over 100,000 patients annually across 20 locations in King County.

HealthPoint’s 2023 annual benefit event, Kaleidoscope, will shine light on behavioral health with the program theme: “Your mind has been on our mind.” Opening the door for a unique opportunity to hear from the HealthPoint Behavioral Health care team about what HealthPoint has been doing to support patients and the community as we care for our mental health.
Event details and tickets:

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